Where to stay to get around Salento

Where to stay to get around Salento

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Where to stay to get around Salento and get to know the territory in an itinerant but comfortable way, by bikes, by car, through paths and easy trekking routes also suitable for children and not super trained people?

There are those who choose Salento for an itinerant holiday, which allows them to see, appreciate and get to know more places, more coasts, more beaches; but is there a better place than others to choose to be “sedentary” and yet to be strategically close to all the most interesting diversities of this variegated territory?

Sure there are, several places are suitable for this purpose indeed, and today we will let you discover 7 of them.

The proposed solutions are also very suitable for families, groups of people with pets and/or children or with special needs.

Muro Leccese, halfway between Lecce e Santa Maria di Leuca.

Ancient Messapian center of Salento whose history comes out from every stone, between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance welcomes in its beauty, halfway between Lecce and Santa Maria di Leuca.

Muro Leccese e Palazzo Artes, CIS: LE07505191000015117

Tiggiano, the Salento house of Helen Mirren

Country of period Masserias, one of which could be your Salento home for your holiday and exploration of Salento, even the Oscar-winning actress Helen Mirren spends the milder months here, to take care of her Masseria.

Tiggiano is also strategic for approaching the most beautiful places on the Adriatic by bike, but also fantastic for exploring the Ionian coast by car.

For natural areas fans, we emphasize that Tiggiano falls within the territory of the beautiful Costa Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca and Bosco di Tricase regional natural park.

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Gagliano del Capo, enjoy the sea and ancient culture

gagliano del capo villa
Villa Athena
CIS: LE07502891000024429

Gagliano del Capo is a strategic village suitable to explore even in a few days all the most beautiful coasts of Punta del Capo di Leuca and is also much appreciated for some historical hotspots such as the Crypt of Santa Apollonia dating back to the 6th century. XI and the Mehnir of the Paleolithic Era, in the locality of Arigliano.

The ancient village is almost 150 meters above sea level and dominates the terraces of the Serra dei Cianci; here there are beautiful paths and nature trails.

Lecce, capital of Salento

visitare leccei n autunno

The people of Lecce have a special relationship with the sea, even though it is not a seaside city (the closest beach is 10 km from the city centre). This is due to the fact that its position is actually strategic between the two coasts, allowing its inhabitants and guests to choose the best coast according to the winds.

Choosing a stay in Lecce allows you to decide when to dedicate yourself to the sea, when to the culture of a lively city in the south, when to choose a naturalistic excursions in the green places of the coast or in the hinterland.

You can choose a house in the historic center or a villa in the green suburbs of Lecce

Camera da letto Palazzetto Giravolta, Lecce
CIS: LE07503542000024065

Otranto, if you don’t want to give up the sea view

otranto a settembre
Casa ad est, affacciata sul mare di Otranto – booking@salentodolcevita.com

For those who want to explore Salento but, returning to their “base” do not want to give up the precious smell of the sea and the typicality of the villages overlooking it, Otranto is undoubtedly the best solution.

Beautiful town overlooking the Adriatic, it is joined by a straight and fast path to the main city of the Ionian shore, Gallipoli, therefore it is strategic for getting to know the Adriatic sea, the Ionian side, the main cultural cities of both sides … passing through the green and wild areas of the hinterland.


castro marina - vista
Castro Marina

An excellent alternative to Otranto, the beautiful Castro is especially suitable for those who love the blue sea given by a coast of rocks.
If you are a guest in one of our facilities, you will also have access to additional booking services, designed to offer tailor-made experiences and itineraries.

See our solutions in Castro 

Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina
Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina, a locality whose coastal urban landscape has the flavor of ancient times, is suitable for those who love the sea but not the chaos, for those who want to explore a different place every day in the beautiful marine area of Nardò, for those who love advance discovery of valuable natural areas.

Santa Caterina is very close to the coasts of the luxuriant Porto Selvaggio, about ten kilometers from the more famous Porto Cesareo and Gallipoli, Santa Caterina is a small jewel collected and kept in peace.

See our offers in Santa Caterina 

Villa Mirea, Santa Caterina, booking@salentodolcevit.com
Villa Mirea, Santa Caterina, booking@salentodolcevit.com

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