Salento Rural Chic, peace and slow life in the countryside and villages of Salento

Salento Rural Chic, peace and slow life in the countryside and villages of Salento

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Rural and refined, this is rural chic: more than a sub-culture or a niche trend, this is a way of seeking lifestyles based on slowness, love for rural spaces, where nature and human presence coexist as in the past.
These lifestyles also affect travel choices.

Travellers seeking for rural chic spaces and experiences, want and need spaces where the countryside alternates wild hues with man-made scenarios, they want very local food, easy routes and walks and a high level of contemplation, genuine interaction with the locals, especially those that produce goods such as food, hospitality, local products.

And then, authentic villages and countryside, not overwhelmed by mass tourism.

Today we’ll learn more  about some proposals for an approach to rural and beautiful Salento, full of an aesthetic with an ancient taste, but cared for and attentive to detail.

Villages, farmhouses and towns in the Salento hinterland

corte di pietra casa centro storico salento
Corte di Pietra –
CIS: LE07505691000017226

For you lovers of rural aesthetics (and ethics), with its peace and adorable slow pace, Salento offers much more than its wonderful beaches and cliffs.

The territory is full of villages and farmhouses to visit and discover, with wonderful and hidden gardens (some even private ones), belonging to houses that can be the basis of your stay in Salento.

And then there are the villages in the hinterland, constellations of villages characterized by terraces and hollows, colored by the nuances of the crops of the seasons and by the scents of the spontaneous edible herbs that grow in all seasons.

Rural chic holiday homes in Salento

villa piscina santa maria di leuca - villa_swimming_pool_area-1
Villa Ambra LE07501991000022280

The accommodation is part of the travel experience, and if what we want to experience and feel are the vibes of an environment made of rural peace, the choice of the holiday home can be the difference that makes the travel experience unique.

In the middle of the countryside full of olive trees that accompany the transit routes, even the dirt ones, towards Capo di Leuca, we find the beautiful Villa Ambra, which refers to the local architectural tradition, with external cladding in dry stone and internal rooms with vaults star.

A vast enclosed garden full of trees and ornamental plants surrounds it and preserves its privacy compared to the other private homes that arise in this semi-residential countryside area.

villa rural chic salento
Villa Ambra LE07501991000022280

Corte di Pietra is another example of ancient and refined hospitality, with a discreet Mediterranean flavour.
In the heart of a historic center a few kilometers from Castro Marina, it is a proposal with a rural chic charm despite being necessarily in the countryside, but close to all the possible areas most loved by travelers in Salento: beautiful historic centres, dream coasts, boundless countryside .

ortelle - giardino corte di pietra
Corte di Pietra, Ortelle
CIS: LE07505691000017226

The magic of the seafront countryside

Rural, in Salento, also means countryside facing the sea: imagine enjoying your mornings and afternoons to the song of the cicadas, in the cool of your gazebo overlooking a green plain interrupted by the intense blue stripe of the sea.
That smell of iodine and the countryside will be beneficial for the rest of the year, on the mind and body.

Villa Ines is one of those places where this privilege becomes real.

Villa Ines –
CIS: LE07506691000005173

For those who love dichotomies, conceptual and eclectic combinations that always lead to feelings of balance and beauty,  Villa Kyra is the right place: linear and square architecture, it leaves the strongest visual impact to the surrounding nature, made from man-made plots alternating with the spontaneous plants of the Mediterranean maquis.
All this leads the view to one of the most beautiful stretches of the Ionian coast.

Villa Kyra – CIS: LE07505291000008140

Walks in the plain and in the Salento countryside

There is no country chic experience that doesn’t include routes, walks that alternate almost deserted places, where you will mainly meet local farmers, with more populous areas where you can buy and taste locally produced products.

Have a look to our selection of walking routes in Salento