Bedrooms where you would wake up at least once in your life

Bedrooms where you would wake up at least once in your life

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A Good morning depends on the way you wake up, and this also depends on the place where you wake up and sleep.

A good day also depend on the awareness that at the end of the day, a special and cozy place is waiting for you, where you can share moments of couples intimacy or lonely tranquillity with a good book or watching a TV show.

So now we’ll show you some really special bedrooms, made unique by their design, materials and locations.

The fresh sea breeze for good morning and goodnight

Watching the dawn sitting on the bed, sipping the first coffee or the last brandy depending on the circadian rhythms you decided to give to the day… have you ever thought about how good this would be?

It is possible to do so by looking at the large window in the bedroom of Villa Petra.

Low bed, minimal style, with some white and valuable wood inserts. A double bedroom detached from the rest of the villa not by a door but by a long corridor.

Precious stone in the enchanting setting of this villa with sea-view terrace near Santa Maria di Leuca, where the light pervades the whole house thanks to a refined glass window system.

From the bed straight to the beach

The wind and the smell of the sea comes to touch also the golden dreams of those who sleep in Villa Conchiglia, with the interesting variation that here you are allowed to walk directly to the seaside and in the beautiful Salento sea just awake, without even dressing, thanks to a Private access to the sea.

Discover the other villas with access to the Salento Sea.

Simplicity filing your day

Few simple style items, the essentials around you to end up and start your day with your body and your senses, as dictated by Oriental furniture philosophy.
That’s what you’ll experience in the rustic and simple – but so classy – style of Villa Giada, near Santa Maria di Leuca, and in the white and light natural touches of Villa Aletta.

Wellness in the stone


We have already talked about Villa Mezzaluna describing the most beautiful stone and lime villas in Salento.

Villa Mezzaluna, in particular encompasses in its night spots, comfort and beauty, romance and sense of protection.

A special bed in a special place

Have you ever thought about spending a night in a trullo or in an old pagghiara?
White Lamia is a good starting point. Class and modernity that enhance a past architecture. A dip in history combined with the most modern luxury design.