The most beautiful Waterfront Villas in Salento

The most beautiful Waterfront Villas in Salento

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The Waterfront accommodation has been a much sought after type of holiday home in the last years, not only because of luxury and privileged feeling of opening the door and touching the clear sea waters after a few steps, but also for the many health benefits of a strong proximity to the sea.

What are the benefits of waterfront houses?

ville con accesso diretto al mare del Salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso –

Before telling to you about some very peculiar pieds dans l’eau (feet into the water) villas that you can enjoy on the beautiful coasts of Salento, it is good to know something about the psychophysical benefits of choosing such a peculiar accommodation as this.
For example …

  1. It’s the only kind of accommodation where iodine can truly give health benefits:
    We have often heard about the healthy effects of the proximity to the sea, resulting by the intake of iodine through breathing. However, iodine is a very volatile element and in order to take it on significantly, you should stay very close to the sea 24 hours a day. Only a waterfront home is really an added value for this kind of need.
  2. Researches made by the European Centre for Environment & Human Health, UK, show that living a period near the sea brings well-being and a more relaxed attitude that spreads over several months of the year, even after returning from vacation. This is due to the anti-cortisol (therefore anti-stress) effect given by the constant sound of the undertow and the remoteness of other “city” sounds, facilitators of the stress hormone.
  3. The effect of light is doubled by the refraction of the rays and the effects are positive certainly not only for the suntan (indeed, it is always better to abound with the sun screen products) but also because a prolonged exposure to sunlight facilitates the intake of vitamin D and has an important antidepressant action.

If all these benefits are combine to the beauty of the sea of Salento and houses whose charm goes far beyond the tactile and visual proximity to the sea, we understand why the waterfront villas are so sought after, in this beautiful corner of Italy.

3 amazing Waterfront villas in Salento, to regain your well-being and give yourself a little well-deserved relaxation and beauty


Villa Conchiglia


Stanza vista mare Villa Conchiglia –
accesso al mare villa conchiglia
accesso al mare villa conchiglia

In Villa Conchiglia the direct relationship with the sea can be enjoyed not only by the direct access, via rock ladders, to the blue sea of the Marina di Diso, but also in the marvelous blue view yo’ll see from the many relax corners, with sofas and cushions.

The beneficial relationship with the sunlight is a predominant element also in the interior, thanks to the large windows that let light in and make us admire the sea as a constant presence. It will be difficult to find a place where the experience of proximity to the sea is equally intense.

Villa Le Macchie

Villa le Macchie has a private access to the sea that leads to a comfortable cove on the sea of Santa Maria di Leuca, on a flat rock that can be perceived as … a natural extension of the home.

This place is the room all for ourselves that we would all need for a few weeks a year, a place to relax, for contemplation and also a strategic point where to start long and intense swims in the stretch of water that unites the Ionian and the Adriatic sea.

Villa Mariner

Accesso mare Villa Mariner
villa Mariner, sentiero accesso al mare.
villa Mariner, sentiero accesso al mare.

The benefits of Villa Mariner, in Castro, are not only those related to the sea proximity but also the typical healthy effects of a well-kept garden.

This is an ideal solution especially for those who have kids, since these spaces allow children to play safely, allowing them to learn about fruits, plants, while they play on a soft lawn, always breathing deeply the iodine whose presence in the air is significant only in this proximity.

Which one of these options would you choose for your next vacation?

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