Best European old towns: see them from the window of an apartment

Best European old towns: see them from the window of an apartment

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There are times when we want to enjoy the unspoilt nature, between sea and mountain.
And then there are the trips during which we just want to discover the cities and their secrets.

For those who love not only to travel and discovery but also design, for those who want to start living a destination already from the accommodation, here is a list of very interesting small apartments in Europe that will welcome you during your stay and where you’ll start knowing the city better, from the interior and the glimpses you will see from your window.

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Miriaki house, Krakow

Krakow’s market square is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares in Europe.

With its ancient structures (the largest medieval square in Europe) and the amazing roofed market, its porches that refract light even in the cold winter afternoons, Krakow is a city to be lived 100% from here; waking up in this atmosphere is a privilege.

You can enjoy it from Mariaki home, 100 square meters heated with light drapes, parquet and crystal chandeliers.
The ancient high mercantile bourgeoisie is narrated in the details of the interior, before bringing the traveler’s gaze and curiosity to the colors of the oldest and most beautiful market canopies of the old continent.

The old mill, Budapest 

the old mill 2 budapest - appartamenti nei centri storici the old mill 2 budapest - appartamenti nei centri storici

Adjacent to the walls of a old mill in the historical center of Budapest, The Old Mill apartment houses the magic of one of the most fascinating and mysterious historical centers in the world.

Its red-brick wall, restored from the original structure and kept intact after the restoration, overlooks the ancient roofs and its chimneys, letting you hear the voices of the city’s daily life.
At the distance of a walk, the most famous and sought-after spa on the old continent and one and a half miles from the Great Market Hall, this accommodation is an open window on the local atmosphere.

A pagoda … in the heart of Lecce

Casa Pagoda -
Casa Pagoda –

In the heart of Lecce, with its architectural secrets between Baroque, Liberty, Neoclassical, you’ll find Casa Pagoda.
The historic center of Lecce is not only a tourist place but is also the heart of the cultural and political life of locals.

Pagoda House makes you feel an integral part of this community, not only thanks to its position but also thanks to its interior.
50’s floors, typical of the best-preserved historic homes, the best Seventies furniture and small furniture / modern artwork by local artists, this home is also an art and interior design boutique that fully recounts local art history .

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In Paris, like Amelie

appartamenti nei centri storici - montmartre
appartamenti nei centri storici - montmartre

A third floor overlooking the world of Amelie Poulain, in a 19th-century building, whose interior is full of art and history.
Indonesian bed, furnishings found on the flea markets and restored by the young owner, give this apartment a bohemian soul.

The best place to breathe the vibrant Montmartre life and art.

Which would you choose first, for your next destination?