Things to do in Salento in December

Things to do in Salento in December

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We already know that Salento is not just a destination suitable for summer trips!

Let’s start by saying the reasons why the Salento peninsula is so popular even in winter and in particular in December:

  1. It is still not too cold and sunny mornings allow pleasant walks and explorations of the historic centers but also trekking mornings.
  2. There are very special Christmas markets … but it is not an area known for its Christmas markets, so even flights tend to be cheaper than flying elsewhere
  3. It is a warm (hearted) land even in the coldest months

Now let’s see some things you can do if you came and find us in December.

Choose a restaurant to taste the best typical food


Salento is a peninsula whose various flavors that really satisfy everyone.

From the richness of vegetarian dishes to the strong flavors of local meats to the areas of the coast where the fish cooking is schooled.

You know, in winter you have more appetite, so you can precede your lunch with a good aperitif or reinforced breakfast with sea view

Practice open air activities 

yoga nel salento

As we said, our beginning of winter is often suitable for enjoying coastal trekking mornings, soft jogging along the coast or walks in the heart of the historic centers and the most beautiful villages.

Even more so, for those who do not want to give up good practices to keep fit, you can join yoga and pilates in one of the many facilities that also offer private lessons, even at home.

Find your home in Salento and enjoy your stay and trip 

Art and unusual museums

In this land of art and beauty, you can enjoy the best figurative art in many ways and in many places. From museums ranging from modern to ancient art studios and artistic crafts and unique pieces of art in historic centers, a month would’t be enough to enjoy it all.

Some museums not to be missed: MUST of Lecce (modern and contemporary art), the SIDEREUS Astronomical Park of Salve, the Fantasy Museum of Lecce, for those who love cinema and special effects, Museum of Marine Biology Pietro Parenzan of Porto Cesareo, MUSA archaeological museum of Lecce.

In Lecce there are also several areas where you can admire the beautiful street art and graffiti made by internationally renowned artists.

street art a Lecce , zona 167 B

street art a Lecce , zona 167 B

Go to the sea

Yes, for the locals it is never too early and never too late for a walk to the sea, to put your feet in the water and reactivate the circulation, even to take a boat ride if the weather conditions are good.

Villa Turchese - vista mare -
Villa Turchese – vista mare –

Look for local wine tasting events

When you enter a place to have a coffee or for your local brunch, never forget to look for the small free magazines of events in the area: obviously look for the events that you like most and pay particular attention to the many wine tastings scattered throughout the territory.

Or you can choose any winery and ask to taste the best types of local wine and… it will be your private tasting event. They will be able to show you and illustrate what you need to know about the history and local flavors. Meanwhile, read this guide to the best vines of Puglia.

And you, what would you do more than anything else in Salento in December?