10 museums to visit in Lecce

10 museums to visit in Lecce

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10 incredibly diverse museums in Lecce, where you’ll find ancient locomotives, papier-mâché art, past civilizations and fantasy characters.

Are you in Lecce and have already seen most of the streets, clubs, beauties of the city?

Are you in Lecce and it’s raining ot too hot?
Or you’re in Lecce and you love museum art and so you are intrigued by the local ones …

Well, this article is for you. Today we show you 10 very special museums of the main city of the Salento peninsula.

There is something for all tastes, scroll this list and be mazed.

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Museo Faggiano  

A place suitable for those who love archeology and the little Indiana Johnes, who love surprises and a bit of mystery. The museum is a private one and comes from the renovation of an ancient large house that instead brought to light a series of historical secrets, finds, crushers … every corner of the place is a discovery. The museum is so unique and particular to be often mentioned by the international press.

Museo Fantasy   

ph. aaron burden v- unplash
ph. aaron burden v-

Created by two brothers and artists working in the international and Italian film industry, this museum is unique in Italy. Not only for the hyper realistic works in the exposition, but also for the proposed path, which pushes us to reflect and overcome all our fears. A museum apparently “playful” but that at the end is surprising for its introspective path.

Old trains and railway museum

ph. erwan hesry - unsplash
ph. erwan hesry – unsplash

Visiting this place is like entering an old movie, the world of Doctor Zhivago or Anna Karenina or an ancient western films,  or any film or novel in which the ancient locomotives and steam trains, large square suitcases and leather are part of the setting.

Jewish Museum of Palazzo Taurino

There are even a few people from Lecce aware of the existence of this little gem in the heart of the historic center. After your dip in the baroque and in the Catholic sacred art of the most famous churches (including Santa Croce, very close to this underground museum), the linear simplicity of the reconstruction of the life of the Jewish ghetto dating back 500 years ago will be amazing.

MUSA – Historical and archaeological museum 

Let’s go back to those who love archeology and antiquity.
All the most ancient populations and local life from Prehistory to the Middle Ages, through the research of historians and archaeologists of the University of Lecce, are told through findings, relics, reconstructions and illustrations.

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Museo provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano

Always for history and archeology enthusiasts, this museum, through the exhibition of interesting archaeological finds, is able to deepen the knowledge of Salento since prehistoric times and in particular of the Messapic and Roman domination.
The picture gallery houses paintings that date back for the most part to a period between 1400 and 1700.

Paper mache museum 

In a place where papier-mâché has become a unique form of art, crossing the sacred and the profane, the ancient and modern decoration,   a museum on the art of papier-mâché is something necessary!
In this place you’ll see beautiful artifacts but you’ll also be told  everything about the birth and use of this technique over the centuries.

MUST Museo storico di Lecce  

avere arte dentro casa: effetti benefici
dettaglio casa Artes – booking@salentodolcevita.com

Always in the heart of the historic center, among the narrow streets and the local vibrant nightlife, the MUST is a modern, accessible and full of modern and contemporary art. There are also initiatives and temporary exhibitions with multimedia installations and educational and workshops.

This museum has quickly become one of the most important centers of cultural life in the city.

Prima Gallery 

Not far from the Must is Prima Gallery, a gallery displaying contemporary figurative art exhibitions.

Frequent vernissage and the finissage that make this place similar to an art gallery of the great European capitals, with cozy and peculiar spaces and the possibility to speak directly with the artists or to know the genesis of each artistic project.

Casa Museo Spada 

ph. gaelle marcel - unplash
ph. gaelle marcel – unplash

For those who love music, the Casa Museo Spada is an unmissable gem. It is a private home that contains a marvelous collection of ancient and modern musical instruments; here concerts and special visits are also held, for example in the dark, by candlelight and with the backsound of chamber music. You will be welcomed by the landlord and owner of the collection, as if you were friends of a lifetime.

Unmissable cultural and human experience!