Stay healthy in the bathtub

Stay healthy in the bathtub

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How to take a bath full of benefits for beauty and health

We are mostly made of water and that is perhaps why we are always attracted by this element and it is so good for us, both mentally and physically.

If in summer we look for the sea, fresh water, the sound of the waves, if a beautiful villa has an added value when it has a beautiful swimming pool, in winter we look for  warm water to relax and cuddle in.

It is good to know that the desire for a bath with a tub is not just a luxury need: a bathtub is a simple tool to treat yourself and a small natural remedy to stress and cold season ills.

Let’s find out together what are the benefits of a warm bath and what to add in the tub to get all the best benefits.

Essential oils for stress headaches

Villa Verna, bagno Total wood e pietra
Villa Verna, bagno Total wood e pietra

You know that kind of headache that mainly occurs on Saturday mornings, on Sunday or in the first day of vacation? These are the typical symptoms of stress headaches, which occur as soon as we relax mentally after a tiring period.

To avoid this, allow yourself 15 minutes for a bath in warm water and blend in it essential oils of rosemary (2 drops), lavender (2 drops).

Enjoy your home-spa with sea waters

Villa Turchese,
Villa Turchese,

It could be a little more difficult to get sea water in winter, unless you stay in a beautiful house with a bathtub and sea view, as in the case of Villa Turchese.
Putting a liter of seawater into your hot tub you can passively enjoy all the benefits of salt water for both the skin and the respiratory tract, just as if you were in a thermal bath.

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Get your energy with home made bath salts

tutti i benefici di una vasca da bagno
ph karla alexander – unsplash

When the salt of the sea is not at hand … there are bath salts. If we want a specific one to give us energy in the morning before starting the day, you can mix coarse salt (two tablespoons) with lemon drops and lemon essential oil and put them into the water together with your favorite bubble bath (always choose those with neutral pH, better if without parabens).

I recommend, however, give yourself at least 15-20 minutes of bath. Otherwise it will be difficult to have the desired energizing effect and to be honest it could even be detrimental and increase the stress level.

Live it like a passive fitness 

bagno palazzo artes villa nel salento
Bagno e vasca palazzo Artes –

Let’s learn about a really good news! Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University, studied with his team of researchers the effects of a 30-minute bath with water at 40 degrees and found out that it helps burn the same calories of 30 minutes of walking but also to maintain a low blood sugars level, which is valuable for both weight control and diabetes

Detergent and anti-fatigue with baking soda

benefici di un bagno caldo
ph naomi august – unsplash

Water and bicarbonate (baking soda): simple binomial, within everyone’s reach and very precious!

Adding half a mug of baking soda into the tank at 35-38 degrees (no more to avoid skin irritations) and taking a bath of at least 15 minutes will be an excellent anti-inflammatory habit and will result in skin purifying effects and sense of relaxation. To make sure that the water temeprature remains constant, add more hot water every 7-10 minutes.
The circulation will be affected positively… and the mind too.

Hydromassage … much more than luxury

affitto casa vista mare con piscina castro marina - salentodolcevita
Casa Le Terrazze – Castro

For a long time, “whirlpool” and hydromassage has been synonymous with luxury. Luckily it is not like this anymore and many people have realized that a jacuzzi is a tool that helps peripheral circulation and therefore the skin and also to reduce stress and fatigue.
A jacuzzi hot bath a month, in hot water and essential oils is a health essential. Doing it while sipping a draining herbal tea is an easy and ritual way to take care of yourself.