The healthy effects of a garden

The healthy effects of a garden

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Do you know some  beneficial health effects of a house surrounded by a garden?

What is the first thing that we think about when we plan a trip to recharge our batteries and enjoy a little rest?

We often think of the sea, a quiet place, or some nightlife in places to savor good food and wine of the chosen destination.

Others think instead about the “green” rather than blue, and choose destinations in hills or mountains because this kind of nature gives a greater sense of rest and contact with the natural world.

Villa Caroma, Torre Guaceto -
Villa Caroma, Torre Guaceto –

But few people know about the health benefits of a simple garden.

No matter if close to the sea or in the mountains, choosing an accomodation surrounded by trees, ornamental plants or an orchard has a number of benefits for the the health and state of mind to which it is easy to get used to and then hard to give up, so much that most of those who live the experience of staying in a house with garden, start to design their your own small vegetable garden once back.

So let’s see together some of the most immediate benefits of a period in contact with a garden or an orchard.

From the total control to the sense of “caring”

Casa Vite - Santa Maria di Leuca -
Casa Vite, Santa Maria di Leuca –

The importance of the caring attitude is the first element highlighted among the advantages of the vegetable therapy. However also enjoying it more passively, in contemplative or simply symbiotic way can temporarily erise from your mind the overwhelming need to control things to bring you to the sense of “caring” fot things.

A garden feature like life, in some ways: we can not give her orders but we can take care of her with respect and attention.

Hyper sensory stimulation: the smells, the sounds, the touch

Villa Palmento Garden swimming pool - salento
Villa Palmento –

Often, when we think of a time to recover energies in contact with nature, colors is the first thing that comes to mind: we want to be “in the green.” Without detracting from the relaxing potential of this color, we should not underestimate the importance of odors for our brains.

In particular, as confirmed by several studies, during the summer the scents of basil, mint, marjoram, oregano and rosemary, help cell regeneration and have beneficial effects on memory.

The principles of aromatherapy say that the sent of rose and lavender have an immediate soothing power, and therefore are suitable to recover from long anxiety and insomnia periods. The jasmine smell is rather a natural antidepressant, together with dried chamomile and bergamot flowers.

Even the garden sounds, from cicadas to the rustle of leaves, always present but never stressful, are good for concentration and also for sleep rhythms.
Finally, being able to walk barefoot on a lawn helps in the perception of your own body starting right from the feet, the first to have a constant contact with the ground but in fact almost never able to touch it directly.

Walking on the grass also helps the micro circulation.

Generate new ideas, walking in an orchard

Masseria Telima, Otranto -
Masseria Telima, Otranto –

If you need a retraite to replace the ideas or to get new creative ideas for business or your personal life, walking between rows of fruit trees, especially in a flourishing citrus grove, it is what you need.

This will not only clear your mind and set it free for creative thinking, but the citrus perfumes will stimulate the part of the brain most linked to emotions and creativity (according to a University of Utah research).

There are some types trees particularly suitable for the creative thinking, such as the olive trees of Salento: their contorted shapes, arose in the course of centuries by the intertwining of new plants coming to life from those dying, are a source of endless inspiration for painters, poets, writers.

Benefits for the immune system

According to recent studies made by the Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and the Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, spending regular periods in places surrounded by trees and plants can strengthens the immune system and has immediate and long lasting effects on the endocrine system.

In short, two or three-week vacation in an environment surrounded by greenery, like a house with a garden, will helps to ward off seasonal ills for the rest of the year.

Garden and sea: the wellbeing formula

Villa Grecale, Santa Maria di Leuca -
Villa Grecale, Santa Maria di Leuca –

 If we put together the endless beneficial utility of a large garden and the benefits of the sea, finding a home with garden not too far from the coast, we will have a series of effects that will be valid for the rest of the year and that will be hard to give up in the years to come.

Salt water and iodine, along with minerals such as magnesium present near the sea have a rejuvenating effect and the ability to balance the nervous system; they also have infinite benefits on the respiratory system. Ideal for children, especially those particularly susceptible to seasonal sickness, and for women with thyroid problems, sea air and green spaces strengthen the immune system.

healthy effects a garden -
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