The benefits of a few days in the countryside (in good company or by yourself)

The benefits of a few days in the countryside (in good company or by yourself)

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It takes only a few days to recover from many things. From the stress of work, from the commitments of everyday life, from family and even dinners with friends.

All beautiful things to be grateful for, of course, which require concentration, physical, emotional and mental effort. The best way to give the best of us in all these things (work and social relationships) taking some time away from the noise and the usual and fast rhythms of the our daily life it, from time to time, necessary.

Few things are as beneficial as the countryside to regain possession of one’s senses, to feel them all work together and to regain possession of ourselves, therefore to resume our energies.

Villa Lamie, Otranto, esterni.

Looking for country houses, and farmhouses to spend a few days a year (not necessarily in summer) is a benefit that many people love to give to themselves as a gift, for many reasons.

Open air barefoot walks

The contact with the elements of “earth” is fundamental for our personal balance: actions such as hugging trees or walking barefoot on the ground are recognized as beneficial at any age and in any season of the year and of life.

It is not only a well-being linked to movement, circulation and oxygenation, therefore to mechanical aspects, but to purely emotional aspects, linked to our ancestral memory of human beings that we hardly have the possibility to indulge in everyday life.

Villa Lamie, Otranto -
Villa Lamie, Otranto –

Experiencing the first hours of the day

Everyone knows, from experience or hearsay, the beauty of waiting and admiring the sunrise, an experience full of energy and beauty. Attending the rising sun and breathing the light air of the early morning hours is good for the body and its awakening, because we are also part of the terrestrial system in which the rising and setting of the sun are unique and cyclical moments, like all our emotional phases.

Living “peasants” and coutrylife rhythms for a few days, including the sunrise and sunset as moments to live and admire, is one more way to take care of one’s own spirit and, indirectly, also of health on a more “mechanical” level.

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Eating in the open air


VIlla Lamia_salento_
Villa Lamie, Otranto.


Eating is a natural act, like breathing.
Yet we often experience it as a duty, a social commitment, as a problem related to health or aesthetics. Never as the natural act that it actually is.

It is right instead to take back the naturalness of the act of eating, doing it calmly and in the open air, breathing the smells of the current season. Even the appetite, in doing so, changes; it becomes more intense and real, less tied to stress and more to the body and its needs but also to the state of psychophysical wellbeing.

Surround yourself with simple but complex and beautiful things


Villa Lamie, Otranto, esterni.
Villa Lamie, Otranto, esterni.

The countryside environment is simple and complex at the same time. The beauty and well-being that you have in the open country is linked to the order and the delicate balance of every detail, every tree and every plant. Everything is evolving and cyclical growth, everything is balance and order in entropy.

Because of this innate resemblance between the human being and the country environment, that is, a nature that is not wild but ordered by the human activity, a pause of a few days in a country setting, among fruit trees and dirt roads, helps to reconcile with our inner entropic order.

In the pictures, Villa Lamie, Otranto, Puglia, South Italy. See more pictures.