The advantages of a vacation… with the feet in the water

The advantages of a vacation… with the feet in the water

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The waterfront villas, with easy access to the sea, are a growing trend among travellers and sea lovers. The French term for this kind of accommodation is pieds dans l’eau, literally “feet in the water” and now we’ll tell you why so many search for it!

Pieds dans l’eau is a French term that identifies a specific dwelling (mainly exclusive holiday homes) whose main characteristic is the proximity to the sea.
It means “feet in the water” and indicates the exclusive possibility for those who stay there to access directly into the sea, without leaving the property spaces.

Accesso mare Villa Mariner

The most intense way to experience the sea

Those who love the sea, those who dream of it all year long, look for all the possible solutions allowing them to live it as intensely as possible during the holiday period

As in the case of Villa Mariner, overlooking the beautiful rocky coasts of Castro Marina, in Puglia, South Italy; this type of dwelling is chosen by those who want to experience the sea as an intense privilege, which is part of their daily routine during the holidays.

Accesso diretto al mare, villa Mariner
casa pieds dans leau_accesso al mare_vacanza salento
Villa Mariner, dettaglio giardino vista mare

The sea… as an interior design idea

In some waterfront houses and villas (or pieds dans l’eau, as French people says), the sea is part of the interior of the houses or, better said, of their living concept.

This is the case of Villa Conchiglia; this charming home, always resting on a beautiful landscape, has its interiors designed precisely to enhance the view of the sea as an almost tangible element for those who live these spaces.
From the large windows in almost all the rooms, primarily the living areas and bedrooms, the sea becomes part of the living space.

Obviously this closeness becomes tangible from the garden; from here you can walk down into a comfortable rock cove, equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, on a concrete square and stairways from which you can access the sea.

accesso al mare villa conchiglia
Villa vista mare accesso mare salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso –
Villa Conchiglia –

Milder micro-climate and better privacy 

The proximity to the sea gives access to a further benefit: even on the hottest days you can enjoy a milder temperature thanks to the slight sea currents.

Moreover in houses such as Casa Rivamarina or Villa Conchiglia, the terraced position on several levels allows you to alternate the time spent in the solarium areas, very exposed to the sun, and the areas of shade and relax given by gazebos and tree fronds.

Rivamarina is a house in a panoramic position overlooking the Adriatic Sea; its equipped with a direct access to the sea through a gate and along a path that, descending with a few stone stairs, leads up to the rocks, from which it is easy to dive into the turquoise water.

This feature makes the experience of contact with the sea very private, making this house, as well as those mentioned above, perfect for those who seek for some privacy, who love the idea of taking a swim early in the morning as soon as they wake up.

Accesso mare casa Rivamarina
Villa Rivamarina

The waterfront villas with private access to the sea will continue to be increasingly sought after by those who want to enjoy a vacation in which the first luxury is just to enjoy the best of their sea destination.