The sea, a pine forest and the historic center of Otranto at your fingertips

The sea, a pine forest and the historic center of Otranto at your fingertips

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A house in Otranto with a very peculiar history, which offers everything you could desire from a holiday

Often, when looking for an ideal home for your holidays in south Italy you must choose between a seaside villa or the proximity to a historic center.
In other cases, especially for families or large groups, large spaces are sought both indoors and outdoors, looking for large gardens and green spaces.

Today, on the other hand, we’ll tell you about a special house, with a special story and that has the peculiarity of offering all this and much more, in a single solution.

Casa Kalamuri is a charming cottage overlooking the sea of Otranto, immersed in a large pine forest and a short walk from the lively historic center of the town.

The house is built in local stone, in wide spaces with vaulted ceilings and enjoys a cozy and modern decor with some small shabby chic appeal.

casa kalamuri, Otranto. dettagli interi.
casa kalamuri, Otranto.
casa kalamuri, Otranto.
casa kalamuri, Otranto.

The beauty of the sea and the importance of the pine forest.

If the proximity to the sea makes this house particularly attractive for a holiday in Salento, the presence of a vast pine forest is what makes the difference compared to other solutions.

In Salento and in Puglia “the pine forest” is much more than a territorial feature or a mere botanical aspect: it is the place where many families organize summer picnics, it is an environment where moments of peace are sought in the warmest hours of summer days.

The song of cicadas makes the environment of the pinewood even more pleasant, a multisensory experience that means “home” for many Apulians, and that it remains forever in the memory of those who come here on holiday.

PIneta esterna, casa Kalamuri, Otranto.
Dettaglio esterni casa Kalamuri.
Dettaglio esterni casa Kalamuri.

The pine forest and the sea are not the only two peculiar aspects of the exterior:
just outside the front door of the house, the vast space overlooking the sea is paved with the chianche, traditional limestone slabs of Lecce.

The pergola, the living room with cushions, the outdoor shower with hot water and the handcrafted local tile sink make the outdoor space an extension of the interior, made to invite guests to experience the local nature as much as possible.

Salottini esterni, casa Kalamuri, Otranto.
Salottini esterni, casa Kalamuri, Otranto.
Salottini esterni, casa Kalamuri, Otranto.

A house with a special history

If the home structure, the interiors and the exteriors narrate some very peculiar aspects of local life, the history of this house is special too.

The first part was built around 1907 to serve a vineyard that no longer exists.

The house was built by the noble family of Antonio De Viti de Marco, a university professor and deputy, considered the founder of the modern science of finances.

He was one of the 12 professors who did not want to take the oath of allegiance to the fascist regime.

Until the 1960s the house occasionally hosted children in need of assistance. Among the inhabitants of neighboring villages the memory of generosity and attention to the social themes of Antonio and his family is still alive.

By choosing Casa Kalamuri for your stay in Salento you will feel the history, nature and local life as an integral part of your experience in this unique area.