The timeless charm of the canopy bed

The timeless charm of the canopy bed

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The canopy bed, coming from the old four-poster beds, has always maintained a strong charm, being able to turn a room into something precious, a luxury space, a privilege. Let’s find out why and let’s see the most peculiar modern models of canopy beds, in beautiful villas and restored farmhouses of Salento.

Once upon a time, there was the four-poster bed, coming from a simple structure used in the Middle East to keep important personalities cool and in privacy. The canopy then arrived in Europe preserving the same function of protection and embellishment for people and precious sacred objects.

The French spread this fashion for bed design too, making the four-poster bed a privilege for kings and queens, countesses, popes and cardinals all over Europe, enriching them with precious tapestries and silks.

And what about today?
Why is canopy bed still perceived as a little luxury detail despite the possibility to use far cheaper fabrics and materials?

Easy to say: because a canopy bed needs a good management of environments and spaces and of the work of prepared interior designers, able to enhance both the bed and the room.

Let’s see some examples where particular materials, simplicity and fantasy meet, in beautiful villas and farms of Salento.

Let’s start with a very special home,  Masseria Mezzaluna 

Masseria Mezzaluna, Maruggio.
baldacchino_masseria mezzaluna_Salento
Masseria Mezzaluna, Maruggio.

Masseria Mezzaluna, in the Salento area, is a Thousand and One Night environment.
Oscillating between a rustic style, with continuous references to the ancient country nature of its spaces, and the sophisticated total white given by the lime, made even more vivid and white after the renovation, charm and warmth are both in the interiors and exteriors.

The canopies are not only in the bedrooms, around the precious (very comfortable) beds in stone and lime, but also in the solarium area around the big pool.

Casale il Pozzo: when the canopy makes the difference even in a modern and sober environment

In the resort of Patù, not far from Santa Maria di Leuca, Casale il Pozzo is an ancient and finely restored place that, thanks to a careful work of reorganization and interior design, can give maximum hospitality to 25 people, with suites, studios, spaces for couples and families.

Its interiors maintain a sober contemporary style, thus enhancing the beautiful outdoor spaces and surround the small chic areas like the canopy bed in one of the double rooms.

The classic style of Residenza li Cuti 

Residenza Li Cuti, Torre Sant’Andrea

piscina residenza li cuti
Residenza Li Cuti, Salento

Residenza Li Cuti, a beautiful property recently built in a 2.5 hectare garden, has the desire to make its guests feel important, since their entrance into the garden.
Here there are citrus and olive trees, in perspective support of a colonnade that leads to the entrance and to the beautiful heated pool.

Its interiors favor light wood and soft colors that are able to withstand the play of lights coming from the large windows.

Its four-poster bed maintains these characteristics of sober royalty, making the most of the spaces with the light colors of the privileged materials, in the sleeping area as in the living areas.

And you, in which one would you choose to sleep?