The best holiday houses to choose for an autumn vacation

The best holiday houses to choose for an autumn vacation

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What are the ideal characteristics of a house that should welcome us in Autumn? Let’s find out together and see some examples that you will surely like.

Any trip, no matter if it’s a few days cultural journey, a long relax holiday or a city getaway, there are common characteristics that make it a good trip: the beauty of the places, the welcome and adequacy of the accommodation, the possibility of living the places according to of your preferences.

However, depending on the time of year you are traveling, different needs might arise.

When we choose the vacation home that will welcome us in the summer, we keep in mind some very precise parameters, such as the shade, the freshness, the air conditioning and then also the swimming pool, the proximity to the sea, the possibility to access the coast in full relax.

And in the fall?
What are the ideal features for a home that will host our vacation in fall?

Proximity to a cultural and city center

Palazzo tre Cuori – Santa Maria di Leuca
palazzo tre cuori piscina e giardino santa maria di leuca salve

As we are never tired of the sea, especially in the mild climate of Salento, a journey in the months of October, November and even December brings us closer to the cultural life of a city: we need new cultural ideas such as exhibitions, events, happenings, parties.

For this reason, a protected residence in a historical center is suitable to satisfy those who are looking for a little local city-life.

Palazzo Tre Cuori  is a prestigious dwelling on the ground floor of a historic building in the center of Salve, a lively town known for its proximity to the most beautiful beaches of Salento.

Staying here gives you the exclusive feeling of a luxury villa, inside a historic center.

The garden, the pool, the charming interior spaces make us feel far away from everything, in a world of our own, but as soon as we open the door we are immersed in the most authentic life of a center rich in history.

Historic centre, with sea view


terrazza vista mare affitto gallipoli sciaroccu
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli –
case in centro_gallipoli
casa sciaroccu_vacanza centro storico gallipoli
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli.
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli, dettaglio bagno - affitto casa vacanze
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli, dettaglio bagno

Then there are those who, in the life of a picturesque historic center, with its rhythms, its voices, its cultural events, also want to unite the proximity to natural attractions or to sources of contemplation like the sea.

This makes Casa Sciaroccu, in the historic center of Gallipoli, one of the most suitable places for an autumn holiday in Salento.

Interior details speak of local traditions, in a perfectly restored space that shows the ancient conformation of the houses of this seaside town.

And then, in the mild climate of Salento, with warm fall mornings, you should really enjoy a terrace overloonk both the street of the old city and the sea.

Center of the town and nature

villa palmento_casa vacanze autunno

Why shouldn’t we give up the beauty of Mediterranean nature in fall? Why not to enjoy the mixture of reddish foliage and evergreen trees like in Villa Palmento property?

Located in the historic center of the small and quiet area of Specchia Gallone, Villa Palmento is less than 10 km from the sea of Porto Badisco, and a little more from the beautiful sandy beaches of Otranto, from the picturesque Santa Cesarea and the medieval village of Castro, all well connected and therefore easily accessible.

In short, a strategic place to visit the most characteristic villages of Salento and at the same time enjoy privacy, relax, nature and a private swimming pool that almost looks like a small lake in the countryside.

A dwelling that welcomes us during an autumn trip must therefore offer proximity to the culturally vibrant centers but always leave us a space to breathe the best of nature, landscapes, territory.

best holiday houses for your trip in Fall
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