Salento, a winter tale

Salento, a winter tale

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Salento is much more than a summer story.
This can be granted by the many travellers who came to participate in the Capodanno dei Popoli, on Dec. 31 in Otranto, or to the beautiful street festivals like the one that welcomed the New year in Lecce.

This surprising winter life will also welcome those who’ll come and experience the warmth of fire celebrations, which heat the months of January, February and March.

But the territories of the heel of Italy are not only places to be visited in times of celebration. The passages of time in South East can be charming, engaging and able to kidnap anyone even in the short winter months, suitable for travelers who are not looking for special occasions to experience the beauty and the DolceVita.

Today we offer a short visual trip with the photographer and visual story teller Lucilla Cuman, expert connoisseur of the territory and its secrets.

Gallipoli and its noisy friends 

Hanging tomatoes… n’serta way. 
This small winter tormatoes have a stronger skin and so they can face winter and be tasty and… beautiful.

  On foot, by bike or by car, no matter how you cross local countryside, you can meet this friends, likely to be photographed.

Snow and Olive trees. Surreal, but true.

Lecce, Porta Napoli and their oleanders pretend to stand still, indifferent to passing time.

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Sometimes the winter watches the sea and pretends to be summer.

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