Fortified farms in Puglia: where ancient and modern style meet

Fortified farms in Puglia: where ancient and modern style meet

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An Apulian masseria (fortified farm) is by its very nature the holder of history. Let’s find out more about the Apulian masseria fortified farms and let’s see in detail 3 of them, combining all the ancient charm with the most modern arts, architecture and design


What are the South Italy masseria?

Let’s start from the name: the word masseria comes from “masserizie”, that is a word used to define the specific furnishings, tools and premises of old peasants’ life. A “masseria” was a set of adjacent buildings arranged in residential complexes where the life of the massari, that is the custodians of the farms, took place.

Once the farms were small microcosms where peasants and owners lived; they were places where every architectural detail was designed to make the lives of those farmers’ families easier and more productive.

South Italy is full of them but in particular this housing belongs to Puglia tradition; the region is in fact dotted with old ruined farmhouses full of charm but the territory also offers an interesting number of restored farms ready to welcome holidaymakers from all over the world.

In particular, a stay in a farmhouse is ideal for a relaxing holiday immersed in the beauty of the local countryside or marvelous sea views but, at the same time, allows you to learn more about the local life and its ancient traditions.

Today we’ll take you to discover three of our beautiful Salento fortifies farms, with a peculiarity: the restoration and renovation works are based on the union of ancient elements and contemporary elements, creating beautiful dichotomies.

Masseria Cirase

Masseria Cirase.
Masseria Cirase.

Masseria Cirase is not located in a simple countryside, but in a slightly hilly area overlooking the wide bay of Gallipoli, granting glimpses of great scenic beauty.

The farmhouse-villa was restored maintaining the historical architectural features and is instead very contemporary in the furnishings.
Like all ancient farms there are several blocks built over the years, depending on the needs of the small agricultural enterprise that motivated its dynamics.
The main body is developed starting from an ancient 1600 tower and 4 annexes, which probably served as warehouses, now transformed into 4 luxury suites.

Outside, a vast garden acts as a junction between the main building, the suites and the swimming pool. Also part of the property is an olive grove where there are small stone quarries

Masseria Cirase, esterni
Masseria Cirase

While you are immersed in its swimming pool, it is possible to enjoy the architectural contrast between the pointed vaults of the portico / entrance and the shapes of the structures that provide shade in the garden and by the pool.

The pleasant contrast is found inside, where a minimal, practical and elegant style is welcomed by the thick original walls.

Masseria Nava

Panoramica complesso ed esterni di Masseria Nava –
Parte del grande porticato
Masseria Nava –

This ancient farmhouse not far from Gallipoli, has been transformed into a luxury farmhouse-villa where all the spaces, from the interiors to the large garden, have been transformed into areas of relaxation and beauty for the eyes and for the mind.

This, also thanks to the landscape context in which the home is nestled, enriched by numerous historical villas, from the Baroque to the eclectic style.

The style of decor and furniture chosen after the restoration is purely contemporary and well integrated with the elements of the peasant past, such as the stone fireplace.

Even the external spaces tell the story of the ancient life: the high walls, the patios, the shadow areas around the housing units, tell of a time when life took place mostly outside, therefore the exteriors were extensions of the house.

Even today, thanks to the modern swimming pool and the sober furnishings in the boho-chic style of the exterior, you will live the pleasure of living the exterior as a wonderful continuation of the house.

Masseria Verna

masseria south italy

Villa Masseria Verna
Villa Verna

Villa Verna is a masseria farm and villa situated in the most authentic Salento countryside, just 11 km from “Portoselvaggio” protected area and 8 km from Sant’Isidoro, a picturesque seaside village with good restaurants and equipped beaches.

All the interesting architectural concept is based on a balance between rural elements and contemporary-cut objects and works of art.

Also in this case the structure develops with more “plexuses” that, in the restructuring works, have become precious independent apartments, ideal for families or couples who, although traveling together, need their own privacy.

The contemporary choice in outdoor furniture creates interesting splashes of color in the variegated green that surrounds the structure.


Staying in a masseria is a dip in the local culture. Choosing a farm where history and modernity meet allows you to go beyond history and discover the attitude of the territory to art and modern architecture.