What to do in Puglia in April: history, nature and legends.

What to do in Puglia in April: history, nature and legends.

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That spring in Puglia comes just as an anticipation of the summer, is certainly part of the things that almost everyone already knows.

So no need to tell you about the beaches that will open on weekends  in Salento starting, no neet to remark the beauty of the blooming of the Murgia campaigns or how the Trulli of Alberobello are among the best scenarios to be photographed with the blue sky, bougainvilleas and white and pink oleanders.

So we’ll try to give you tips that (maybe) still do not know about the most exciting things to do in April in Puglia.

Imperial history, magic and superstition in a stunning landscape


There is no more profound dichotomy than meeting the mysteries that populate the history of Puglia and some of his castles and monuments in such a sunny landscape, where the green is lit stained from the Yellow River of wild flowers at the foot of the olive trees, of its endless plains.

By relying on the expertise of the Ass. Dauniatur.it you can follow an itinerary that starts in the mystical ambiance of the rock cave of St. Michael the Archangel, located in a large karst cave at the foot of Minervino Murge (place of worship already in pre-Christian times , certainly inhabited in prehistoric times, then adapted to Christian worship).

From here you get to Castel del Monte, of inestimable historical value, blend of cultural elements from northern Europe, the Muslim world and classical antiquity. Because of its symbolic suggestions, you can see the whole area by uts impressive windows overlooking a landscape that reaches the Gargano.

The itinerary  passes through the city of Trani, always one of the most important ports of Puglia.

For info, dates and reservations, see www.dauniatur.it .

Always based on imperial history but with a sharper insight into the lives of medieval Puglia, the event “Federicus (23-24-25 April), is a medieval festival that involves the whole of Frederick’s ancient city of Altamura.

Thousands of visitors each year are attracted by the impressive scenery that makes the whole town a real theater, full of actors, from flag-waving, jugglers, street performers in the streets of the ancient center. Leitmotiv of this year, Superstition. (www.federicus.it)

Brindisi and the itineraries to know and protect the environment


Are you a green and nature lover? Are you active in the environmental protection? Are you a green traveler? The Regional Natural Park Dune Costiere, which stretches from Torre Canne Torre San Leonardo, is your perfect guide! (www.parcodunecostiere.org).
They organize hikes to discover the local flora, always mixed with tastings and incursions in the most beautiful areas near the wonderful local beach.

Itineraries designed for adults and children as the walk between the fossil dunes to discover the different varieties of orchids (April 9).

The Park calendar is constantly updated, so keep an eye on it no matter when you’ll come in southern Puglia.

Salento, sail and the perfect wind

vela salento

We’ve already said something about the routes of the Salento Trekking (here we show you 15 of them), and also on photographic tours.

Now that the Christian Easter is just passed, you can admire the celebration of the Orthodox  one on May 28th sailing to Greece with Sognoblu Association (http://sognobluasd.blogspot.it). Infact they organize sailing trips to go and see it live, leaving from Otranto.

Anywhat you can also learn about the passion and emotion of sailing and wind, of a sunset and a cocktail on a sailing boat, as a non expert, with the help and guidance of experts who can show you the caves and the coast of Salento with their history and their legends.

You can find the itinerary that suits you through the calendar of www.salentoeasy.it.

It is never too early and never too late to meet (again) Puglia. Do it with us