How and where to have the best local cooking classes in Puglia

How and where to have the best local cooking classes in Puglia

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The best courses (also at home) to learn how to make the best of the Apulian cuisine… here in Puglia.

Are you a fan of homemade orecchiette?
You want to know how to prepare a thousand recipes with seasonal vegetables like they do in Puglia? Or you just can’t forget the sweets and delicacies of Salento? Today we’ll write for you!

In Puglia there are different organizations and places offering cooking classes that are real gastronomic experiences.

Much loved by tourists but also rediscovered and revalued by the inhabitants of the region, these courses are focusing on  the tradition and the “sacred slowness” of the preparation of the most delicious dishes.

Let’s see what are some of the most comprehensive experiences.

where and how to attend a local cuisine cooking class in Puglia

Città del Gisto Lecce – Gambero rosso

Let’s start from the Salento.

In the heart of the historical center, in Piazzetta Panzera, there is a garrison of Città del Gusto – Gambero rosso. In a modern and friendly atmosphere, surrounded by the finest Baroque, this chest of gastronomic culture organizes food related events and wine tastings, led by the best local chefs and sommelier.

Here you can find all past and future events, the mini local cooking sessions and cooking courses  

corsi di cucina pugliese in puglia

Home classes in luxury villas, with SalentoDolceVita  

As with yoga and pilates, Salento Docle Vita Luxury villas are big and charming enough to host, on request, small local cuisine classes and dinners. The experience is made extremely beautiful because of the (private) amazing location.
Cooking and eating what you’ve prepared is the very best way to enjoy these amazing interiors at best.

cucina SalentoDolceVita

Write to SalentoDolceVita ( and choose your accomodation to learn more.

Il gusto del tacco

Il Gusto del Tacco is in Lecce, Taranto and Matera (in Basilicata Region). Its chefs are often protagonists of culinary sessions and workshops at other locations, working with various companies for the dissemination of the culture of good food of Puglia.

Courses range from the basics to the bakery, from decoration to desserts, international and fusion cuisine followed by chefs coming from other countries.

More information on their facebook pages and on their website.

Dire fare Gustare, Conversano (Bari)

As for the spread of the south Italy culinary word, the city of Conversano in the province of Bari certainly  boasts a place of honor, thanks to the different courses and very active and renowned organizers.

Dire Fare Gustare is one of these, with its cooking classes that take place mostly in one afternoon where practical classes are followed by a tasting with the accompaniment of great selections of organic wines.

These experience goest far beyond the traditional cuisine and diversifies itself with sushi and glute free cooking coursesm in addition to international cuisine variants. Learn more.

corsi di cucina salentina - salentodolcevita

Corte Altavilla, Conversano (Ba)

Always in Conversano, in a very classy accommodation context, the Corte Altavilla offers courses in which you can  learn to practically cook a whole menu with appetizer, first course, main course and dessert.

The tools, techniques and ingredients are more important than the recipes because modeled on the ancient local traditions, allowing to know not only the local flavor but also its oldest secrets.

The recipes are inspired by the local products of the current season as in the oldest times.

La Masseria Murgia Albanese, Noci (Ba)

corsi di cucina pugliese in puglia - salentodolcevita

Another charming accommodation, Masseria Murgia Albanese is a farm of the eighteenth century located in Noci (Ba), rich in ancient history and modern charm.

Besides enjoying the stay here you can participate in courses to prepare the beloved homemade orecchiette, sweet almond paste, spirits and liqueurs, farm cheeses.

Masseria Salinola, Ostuni

Also in the beautiful town of Ostuni there are companies that produce and promote and deep knowledge of the true and original Apulian cuisine. Among these, the Masseria Salinola, organizing, throughout the year, cooking classes in farm retracing the ancient traditions of the Apulian cuisine.

From the secrets for making good Apulian bread to the best orecchiette with turnip top, from the mashed beans in the tradition of the piñata chicory, the tastier aspects of the Apulian cuisine also go from here