Small but very charming exteriors

Small but very charming exteriors

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If the interiors are important when it comes to choosing a home and a travel accommodation, the exteriors are not less important:

a garden full of greenery, a terrace with solarium, a swimming pool or all three things together can really give a touch more to a place, whether it is a huge villa or a masseria … or a small apartment.

Actually, the modern exteriors and garden design offers precious solutions to enrich even small internal courtyards, terraces of less than 50sqm, small “back yards” , once only an Anglo-Saxon heritage and instead, today, increasingly widespread need also in the Mediterranean areas.

And it’s from the Mediterranean side of Europe, from the shores of the wonderful Salento, that we’ll take, today, some examples of small and yet precious exteriors.

A heated pool on a terrace of Salento

casa con terrazza e piscina in affitto a tiggiano, salento
Casa Goccia – pool
PIscina in terrazza

The old historical centers of the South and in particular of Salento are characterized by lively agglomerations of houses dominated by complex and articulated terraces, which visually communicate with one another.

One of these, in the historic center of Tiggiano, hosts a small heated stone pool (available all year), surrounded by a space that despite being small is well divided and allows a solarium area.

An Arabic style gazebo over a small apartment

Terrazza di casa Salina, Gallipoli.
Terrazza di casa Salina, Gallipoli.


Always exploiting the space of a typical terrace of Salento, small but always open to imaginative cues, the gazebo that shades the exterior of casa Salina, a gem in the heart of Gallipoli.
It vertically overhangs a house that develops in height, taking advantage of every little space with valuable design in natural materials, which even allow an emotional and multi-sensory shower in one of the small but elegant bathrooms of the house.

A terrace as a continuation of the interior


Dettaglio balcone-terrazza casa Riad Impluvium, Salento.


We have already said something about how in recent years many luxury villas of Salento and the most beautiful local holiday homes have recreated a concept of exteriors as a continuation of the interior.
But what happens when instead of large villas and farms we talk about apartments in the historic center?
The Riad-Impluvium house, in the heart of Giurdignano, provides exteriors with stone seats, recalling the living rooms of old peasant houses, colored by cushions in the same color as the bougainvillea vines, following the seasonal shades of color .

If luxury interior design of small spaces is an art, Casa Dicastirio, in Muro Leccese, is an art gallery.

The spaces set among the stairs of the external courtyard give few maneuvering spaces to those who have not inventive, but infinite potential to creative designers, who find space for small areas for relaxation / dinner and also for a hidden pool, next to choreographies of figs d typical india of the area.

Walking with the senses in a small orthal

Casa Frida.

But the luxury in small outdoor spaces is not just a matter of comfort and design, but also of the green and well-being related to it.
Like in Casa Frida, whose ancient structure enriches its courtyard with ortals full of first fruits that follow the season. It is not a space that allows long walks in the green as in a farm, of course, but it is possible to run with the senses feeling the smells of the flowerbeds surrounding a relaxing corner shaded by a white drape like the scented laundry of marseille soap of a time .

The alternation between the candid white of the walls and the blue of the sky makes the presence in this small but precious space, similar to an exotic journey.