Design and historical center: five houses in the ancient heart of Lecce

Design and historical center: five houses in the ancient heart of Lecce

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Living Salento as a traveler and fully enjoying its beauty and history passes through two main roads: exploring its nature, its beaches, its nature trails and then also knowing its historical centers.

The best way to get to know this second important aspect of the loca culture, is undoubtedly “living” the historical centers, staying in old houses that live every day the rhythms and the sounds of the lively streets of the old towns.

Today we talk about Lecce, its precious historic center, and five holiday homes that can make you become a local citizen for some time.

Casa decò

Casa Decò, Lecce.

Located a few steps from the Church of Santa Croce, Casa Decò, in the historic center of Lecce, shows from the windows the domes and bell towers of the main architectural beauties of the city.
Everything is close at hand and in sight in this elegant home that plays with different styles and designs, from the more sober antiques to the more modern games of light and lighting, passing by the display of beautiful luxury furniture of the Sixties.

La Civetta

Casa la Civetta, Lecce

On the first floor of a beautiful building of the ‘500, a few steps from Piazza Sant’ Oronzo and 5 minutes walk from Piazza Duomo, Casa Civetta is favored by digital nomads, workers and travelers who choose to become a bit “Local “in the period of one’s business trip or life in the city from the special baroque.

Small and exploited to the maximum to give the space of this loft apartment the elegance and functionality of a refuge in history.

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Giardino Segreto 

One of the hidden treasures of Lecce are its huge and beautiful courtyards and secret gardens, guarded behind the countless noble portals of the historic center.
An entire event, once a year (in the month of May), is dedicated to the public opening of these private heritages.
You can enjoy one of the most beautiful “secret gardens” of the city thanks to the Secret Garden home, which offers the exclusive use of its hidden green spaces in the historic center.
However, the element of preciousness of this place is far more than the garden, but also the living spaces. This house is located in a 16th century palace, one of the oldest in the city, and is a baroque explosion of colors that also make the interior a little “wonderland”.

Palazzo Eleuteri 

Palazzo Eleuteri, obtained in a real estate compendium dating back to the second half of 1500, has an enormous historical-architectural importance. On its front stand out the “mignano”, an elegant and ornate balcony from which the women of the past could, appearing, take part in public life, and the magnificent portal that opens onto the courtyard.
Carefully restored and furnished with the utmost attention to detail, this building now houses 3 completely independent apartments and studios on 3 levels, with common use of the sun terrace

Casa Cairoli 

The benefit of one of the most beautiful and lively terraces in the historic center of Lecce is given by  Casa Cairoli; furnished in a linear but imaginative way, this house in the historic center of Lecce is a welcoming refuge to enjoy the best of all the varied and colorful seasons of the town.