Ultimate guide to the best wineries of Puglia

Ultimate guide to the best wineries of Puglia

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Puglia is one of the Italian region living one of the most magic periods of the year: the grape harvest and the rites associated with this time of great sociability and sharing.

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As we have already said, many wineries in the region open their doors to visitors and wine lovers to share and to involve more people in some stages of the harvest, or simply to make more people taste their wines in the cellar, together with the new wine as ready.

Meanwhile, and in the other phases of the year, you can always enjoy the best local productions in different wineries scattered throughout the territory of Puglia.
Today we want to point you the best wineries in Puglia in this mini-guide that starts from the north of the region, down to the capital and Salento through the Taranto area.

ultimate guide to the best vineries of Puglia


Small and friendly, in the center of Foggia. Place to combine the excellent wine from Puglia with some specialties that you won’t find in other regions (and also in other wineries of Apulia), such as raw fish and octopus sandwich. Small but attention to every detail.

Possibility to choose also excellent spirits. A further special feature: it seems it never closes! There are evidences of people whose hunger of high quality foods was satisfied even at four in the morning.
Via Mastrolillo 15 – Foggia



A legend says that in 1100 an emissary of a German bishop had come to Italy to search for the best Italian wines, and every time he found one worthy of the classification, he put the word EST! in front of the tavern door.
EST! is now a wine bar and cozy Inn in Bari, with a reasonable number of tables to never overcrowd the space … and not to take away too much space to the bottles, each with a story behind it.
Good menu, very seasonal, in which all the ingredients are taken from local markets.
Via Toma 81/83, Bari

Enoteca de Candia

Let’s stay in Bari.
Active since 1925, what is striking about this winery, in addition to about 200 labels available, is the family history behind it. Here you can also see the old underground cella with bottles dating back to the late nineteenth century. The ancient taste remains linked to furnishings in wood and wrought iron.
Good food, though food is certainly not the trump card of the place.
Via Buccari, 30 – Bari

enoteca De Candia - bari - salentodolcevita
La Vineria

Newer and younger, even in easy and urban furnishing, it is “La Vineria”, on the seafront. Once this was a carpenter, now is a good place to drink and eat products at zero kilometers and fresh (so the menu is updated monthly).
Another gem to accompany the local wine chosen, the daily homemade whole semolina bread with flaxseed (in the morning youl’’ also smell of baked bread). And then, live music. Not always but often.
Via Matteo Renato Imbriani 78 – Bari

vino e pane enoteca puglia - salentodolcevita
Il Tralcio

Located in a central area in Monopoli, “The Tralcio” has over 100 names on the wine list. Just finished admiring the counter made from an olive tree trunk, choose the label depending on the selection of cheeses and jams you want to eat.
You can also participate in lessons for aspiring sommeliers and tastings.
Via D.Manin, 33 – Monopoli


We are in Brindisi, central area. The environment decorated in an original way, young style, the wide but cozy spaces will strike your attention before the menu and the wine list … very varied.
Of course, a special space is dedicated to Susumaniello wine, much loved local pride .
The dishes to pair also include soups, cereal salads, special wraps, as well as meats and cheeses, placing this winery in a conjunctiva located between the restaurant-pub wine.
Via Tarantafilo, 19

vino ed enoteche del salento - salentodolcevita

Mamma Elvira
Walking in the historic center of Lecce, after admiring the beautiful Basilica of Santa Croce, you will always see people sitting at the tables outside the small local Mamma Elvira. Whether winter or summer, weekend or midweek, lunchtime or aperitif and dinner, it is no coincidence if this place is never empty, despite the discomfort of the stools.
In fact, everything, even the appetizers as well as main dishes are freshly prepared with cheese and cold cuts of first grade, dairy products of the best Apulian tradition and a wine list is not huge but selective and interesting. The wines of the Salento have obviously the privileged space, almost exclusively, as well as locally produced beers (basically a parallel world, and unknown to many but deserving to be explored).

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Mamma Elvira is in Via Umberto I, 19 – Lecce

Il Giardino del Re

Less central but valuable, always in Lecce, Il Giardino del Re definitely worths a visit; with over 1,300 labels on the winelist, composed mainly by local companies but not limited to them. Gastronomy with typical dishes from Salento
Via dei Salesiani, 33 – Lecce.

La Cantiniera

la-cantiniera enoteca salent
A few kilometers from the beautiful beaches and cliffs of Ugento, in the village of Racale, La Catiniera appears as a small wine, spirits and gastronomy shop.
It’s actually kind of a secret room with a calendar of curious and engaging events, both inside and in the back garden.
But what matters most are the wines, with labels from around the world, the spirits of excellent quality and the accompanying gastronomy, only the highest range.
The costs are adapted to the thickness of the products, but the “homely” sympathy and anecdotes that you will be told by the friendly owners is all a gift. Unmissable.
Via Principe di Napoli, 34 – Racale (Le)

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Going up to Taranto, we find Per…bacco!, wine bar with an interesting selection of craft beers from Puglia, that make this place loved not just by wine fans. Jazz sounds, the light of candles and soft lamps go well with the tasting of fine local wines and peculiar food.
Via Umbria 14 ang. Via Lanza, 74121, Taranto

Li Cannaruti
Not too wide Menu, but good; the place of honor is for the wine list, real stars of this elegant and small winery, “local white” style in the heart of Manduria, the city of the popular Primitivo wine, that we really suggest you to taste, with local taralli.
Piazza Commestibili 7-14 – Manduria.