Between Tricase and Marina Serra: so much beauty to become art

Between Tricase and Marina Serra: so much beauty to become art

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Today we want to take you along a coastal route that combines the beauty of the seaside landscape to particular local customs, where the habit becomes an art. Between beaches and legends, typical food and ancient villages, we’d love to recommend a nice path to see and photograph, a piece of your Puglia Experience that you certainly will not forget.

We are at the tip of Salento, Tricase Porto. It is a marina nestled on the stunning coastline, a few miles away from Santa Maria di Leuca.


This sea is very rich and full of fish, thanks to the double current coming from the south and from the north.

The fishery has remained so rich and alive and has characterized the color and views (from the typical boats to the resting nets, and the sailors themselves who appear dreamy as in a Corto Maltese comic).

apertura noce di mare

Every day the many tourist boats bring boaters to seek still more beauty in the sea of Castro (north) or to Leuca (south).

This simplicity melts with the ‘nobility’ of villas overlooking the sea, of such beauty to be often elected as movie set.

Culinary stronghold regarding fresh fish, in addition to renowned restaurants on the coast, Tricase Porto offers since 2014 another interesting and exciting opportunity: the Mothers of the village community.

It is an experiment of Typical spread cuisine, perfect combination of home restaurant and street food.
In the ancient town of Tricase Porto you can taste typical food and breathe an air of “home” with the cooperation of local women who cook and animate the streets of the oldest part of town, repopulating it with life, good perfumes and curiosity.

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Let’s move now to Marina Serra, a ward of Tricase which lists about 30 inhabitants (yes, only 30!). This coastline is full of coves among cliffs overlooking the clear blue sea.

Here you will find a natural pool elected by many travel experts s one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools in the world.
The legend, one of many feeding the local mythology of Salento, says that this crystal pool was created by the devil in one night.
But it is really not hard to imagine that it was actually created by  the gods Sea and Wind, and, above all, Time.

marina serra piscina naturale nelle rocce
The place is so beautiful that it is often chosen as a natural theater for cultural events for very few people (for security reasons and envoronment protection): from classical theater on the water to Jazz concerts in August, starting late at night up to dawn and sunrise.

And dawn is another natural force point of these shores, since it is always an event in itself. Every dawn, at about six in the morning, the sun creeps into one of the cavities, like a beacon illuminating the new day of the creek.

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The show is not limited to these rocks and this pool; the whole area is in fact dominated by the promontory of Calino from which you can reach the Grotta Matrona, but only by sea. The landscape always leaves everyone breathless.