A home that becomes your own private resort: two villas in Salento

A home that becomes your own private resort: two villas in Salento

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Pool, patio, immense green spaces for walking, yoga, running or resting in the shadows when tired of the solarium areas.

It looks like a brief description of a vacation in an all-inclusive resort, but it perfectly describes your stay in some of the Salento’s villas featuring water games, green spaces and a thousand potential activities to do.

Today we’ll show you two of them, placed in the most beautiful seaside areas of the heel tip of Italy.

They are Villa Morice and Villa Carparo, the former nestled in Torre dell’Orso, on the Adriatic side of the peninsula, and in Santa Caterina on the ionic side, the latter.

If the second has a classic interior, with flooring recalling a lively and vintage style, villa Morice presents the peculiarity of a modern loft. In both cases, light is a roommate, the first step to a stay based on well-being and the rebalancing of your own pace of life.

These villas are twin sisters also in the interesting ideas of furniture and the division of spaces that exploit the verticality as well as the horizons of the very spacious and airy living rooms.

Patio and Pergola area 

Villa Morice and villa Carparo are similar to luxury resorts yet in the first approaches to the outside areas, with vast pergolas that welcome the cool, the moments of conviviality, moments of silence and rest.

Huge tables, chairs and comfortable sofas make these spaces a wall-less extension of the living areas, integral to the welfare spirit.

Grass and ground

It would be trivial to focus our attention on the huge pools without, first, appreciating that first space  between the patio and the mirror of water, a first contact with soft ground and meadow, to be followed also willingly barefoot. It helps circulation and gives the body the energies of the earth.

Ideal place for light exercise, stretching exercises, breathing, circulatory reactivation and meditation in the early hours, cooler in the morning.

Great pools

In every well-being vacation, the “water” element is paramount. In the villas Morice and Carparo this has a fair weight thanks to the presence of large pools that, with different levels of depth, allow you to swim or to help revive and awaken skin and circulation with the simple touch and space to walk inside.

Ideal for moments of relaxation at any time of the day, including in the evening thanks to special and evocative lighting systems.

The surrounding private woods

A garden was not enough, in these two villas. A private park of pines and palms, in the case of the villa in Santa Caterina, and a typical, immense olive grove for the specular villa on the Adriatic side, welcome walks, moments of yoga and / or running, moments to enjoy the cool and breathe this mediterranean well-being.

Activities to be done  

The contexts in which these two villas are located are very lively and offer  everything, especially during the summer, when Torre dell’Orso and Santa Caterina become the queen resorts of the two coasts.

However here you can create a microcosm of activities ranging from cooking classes to yoga and mindfulness courses, from tasting to small private events, asking for advice and help at booking@salentodolcevita.com