10 reasons to visit Salento in September

10 reasons to visit Salento in September

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The month of September has become, in the last years, the most popular period among travelers to visit the southern land of Salento.

What’s the reason of it?

Perhaps the fact that the weather is still warm but not “challenging” as in August, perhaps the events, perhaps the opportunity to choose the best accommodation. Maybe all those things together and more.

Let’s make a list of good reasons that will make you love Salento in September.

10 reasons to visit salento in september

North wind

If in August warm African wind brings challenging heat spikes and humidity, the dry north wind is back in September, giving inner peace and relax.

Not to mention the fact that it gives us sleep and that sweet privilege of sleeping covered by a light blanket.


Warm and calm sea

This north wind makes the Ionian sea particularly clear and calm; along with the September lukewarm water resulting from the long hot summer period, the swimming experience is particularly pleasant and recommended.

Less crowded beaches

But the sea experience is full only with good beaches and coasts to enjoy.

In September, Salento still enjoys the presence of friends from other countries, but the bulk of the mass tourism is left behind as people goes back to work and school. So the coast is still lively, you can still make interesting meetings, but it is also easier to enjoy it without excessive crowds and you can choose the times when the beaches and coves are virtually private, just for you.
Discover some pristine beaches and “secret” asis of Salento.

oasis of salento

Less traffic

For those who choose to visit Puglia and in particular Salento by car (own or rental) it is good to keep in mind that if August has queuing problems on coastal roads, September solves this issue: while in August it’s better not go to the beach by the internal roads, in September you don’t have to give up the beauty of the street overlooking the most beautiful sea in Europe, with no queues and traffic jams.

Discover this on the road itinerary on the Adriatic coast.

Open air activities

hiking salento

Salento offers much more than the sea as we have already told you in this post on hiking trails and outdoor activities that you can do, on your own or with organized groups, in the far south of the Italian heel.

The north wind that we just told you about is an additional element that makes feasible and agreeable these activities throughout the month of September.

More choice among the best accommodation

salentodolcevita the best accommodations in salento

The lower demand, generates the best deals.

In September you have the chance to choose from a much wider range of beautiful accomodations suited to your needs and tastes.

From this point of view September is the best time to “cuddle” yourself.

Do you dream to wake up seeing the sea, with a good breakfast? Do ou want to begin your evening with a drink by the pool?

Do you want to hear the crickets and cicadas in the countryside, in the shade of olive trees?

Ask and you shall receive!

Folk festivals full of taste and the “spirit”

pizzica salentina sagre settembre
Pizzica Salentina

 The beautiful local folk festivals, with the best local street food, pizzica dance and all the more genuine aspects of local traditions, are far from finished with the month of August. Among the most interesting and “delicious” September festival we find Festa te lu mieru (wine) in Carpignano Salentino (Otranto), the Festival of Frise ‘ncapunate, the festival of Bread and Wine in Gallipoli, the fair of Capeddha (chapel, after the place where the fair was once), the Pig Festival.

Very special Marian celebrations

For those who love the traditional religious festivals, with processions, fireworks, markets and music, in September in Salento you’ll find an interesting insight. The local Marian devotion is manifested in many exhibitions dedicated to the Virgin Mary, in so many different and strange forms: Festa della Madonna dell’alto mare – Our Lady of the High Sea (September 6 in Otranto), Festa di Maria Madre della Grazie (Sept. 6 in Gallipoli), Festa di Santa Maria della Strada – Holy Mary of the Road (September 7, Ugento), Feast of Our Lady of Hurricane (13 September in Cocumola).

They are all linked to legends and anecdotal between sacred and profane, they all have moments of devotion full of poetry and uniqueness, as the water processions, peculiar dances, folk songs

Beautiful cultural festivals

Notte della Taranta - Tamburelli
Notte della Taranta – Tamburelli

In recent years Salento has become the ground of major film, theater, art and culture festivals, as to be defined as the Italian Avignon.

For those who love the cinema, you have the chanche to join the SIFF (Salento International Film Festival). The main protagonist are independent art films, screened in the beautiful historical center of Tricase. Outdoor screenings are followed by aperitifs and live music. The festival continues ai night with a section dedicated to the horror category, in the church of the devil, in the Tricase campaigns.

Another festival much loved by the local and all folk music lovers in Italy and abroad, Li Ucci Festival is a popular music event held in Cutrofianto (Lecce). The best local folk music is alternated with exhibitions, tastings, screenings.

Fresh fish

apertura noce di mare

In September, with the obvious and natural decrease of tourist flows, it is objectively easier to find good fresh fish and enjoy it quietly in the place that you like.

Read these tips on how and where to eat fresh fish in Salento.

 Our list could easily get to 100. But we prefer to let you book the best accommodation and organize your trip in Salento.