The medical and psychological benefits of a home with sea view

The medical and psychological benefits of a home with sea view

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If you dream of a home with a sea view, to live permanently or for a few days a year, you should know that this is not just a matter of luxury. It is a need, often dictated by the sense of well-being that the view of the sea and its visual presence causes, as a response to stress.

So today we won’t just talk about the importance and usefulness of a beach or a reef to see the waves from, for a few minutes a day, but we’ll focus on the utility for the psychophysical well-being of a house with a “fixed blue spot”.

Let’s see together what medical science says about our strange but common need for a “blue horizon” to see that accompanies us throughout the day as a fixed and stable presence.

Stress reduction 

villa calipso furnished terrace sea view front (16)
Villa Calipso – Capo di Leuca –


As many already know, water salt preserves the levels of melatonin, tryptamine and serotonin in the brain and this increases the sense of general well-being and the “resilience” to the small and big problems / traumas of everyday life.

The salty air is part of the environment that stretches for 5-6 kilometers inland from the coast and is therefore omnipresent on the balconies and terraces of the houses from which you can see the sea.

In addition, the minerals in the salty atmosphere in the coastal areas reduce stress and fatigue levels.

This is also due to the negative ions typical of marine air which decrease the alert state and act as a natural valium.

Beauty benefits 

villa turchese accesso mare
villa turchese accesso mare


Moreover, these negative ions, fight free radicals by working as beauty products; even more so, the noise of the waves resonates with the brain waves and induces a state of relaxation (also helping to rejuvenate mind and body).

When it comes to the contact with the sea and the water in general we must say that immersion in water helps to support and “suspend” the body weight allowing the brain to get more oxygenated blood and giving a greater level of attention.

Benefits for nerves and muscles, depending on the temperature 

Casa il loggiato
Casa il loggiato – Santa Cesarea Terme –


If you believe that the sight and the contact with sea water can be beneficial just in summer, you should deepen what was discovered by Connie Hernandez and Marcel Hernandez from the Pacific Naturopathic, in California.

In fact, according to their investigations, if in summer the lukewarm water facilitates muscle relaxation, the spring and autumn temperatures in temperate zones (such as the Mediterranean Sea) provide a soothing treatment for the nerves.

Psychological benefits 

Villa vista mare accesso mare salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso –

It is no coincidence that many people, many poets, creative minds and scientific brains reflect “in front of the sea”: the horizon on one side offers an alternative to reduced screens that we deal every day with, whether they are physical ones (tablet, mobile, tv, pc) or emotional and creative ones.

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A sea view house is not only an ideal place for a person’s or a family’s holiday, but also, for example, for an artistic residence or team building moments for creative work groups or for moments that require stress reduction for the best concentration.