Salento: best music events for true connoisseurs.

Salento: best music events for true connoisseurs.

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Summer is the scene of the rich concert seasons throughout Puglia and Salento is no exception.

In addition to the well-known festival Notte della Taranta, which remains on top of the preferences of those coming from other regions and other countries, there are many music events and genres, from jazz to classical music,  sophisticated pop and contaminations suitable for true experts.

So, Salento is much more than folk music: Salento is now a frontier of sophisticated music and refined proposals that can really satisfy everyone.

Here we go with a selection of appointments for the most demanding music tastes.

The enchanting poetry by Vittorio Bodini

musica classica nel salento_ph valentino-funghi-146040-unsplash
ph. valentino funghi – unsplash

Vittorio Bodini is among the most important contemporary poets in the cultural (poetic, literary and translating) landscape of Italy, certainly the most important in Salento.
There are several small literary reviews and cultural events dedicated to this reference point of almost all authors of the territory throughout the year, while this summer you can assist to a special festival called Incantesimo  (May 18th – June 10th) at the City theatre of Galatone.

This is a special opportunity to listen to excellent chamber music, get to know this important figure of our cultural panorama and take a ride in the beautiful historical center of Galatone.

An Academy Award in Squinzano 

Nicola Piovani a Squinzano_musica nel Salento
ph_darius-soodmand – unplsash


“Città della Musica” is the name of a short but intense and prestigious music festival held in the municipality of Squinzano, in the suburbs of Lecce.

Among the guests who will crown the peak of this year’s musical performances, which will be held from June 21 – 23 , also the musician and composer of Academy Awarded movies, Nicola Piovani.

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The charming Suzanne Vega, now fond of Salento

Suzanne Vega

Suzanne Vega, a refined and out-of-the-mainstream American singer, is not new to the Salento area. Her intimate ballads are coming back to Salento to enchant the audience again, on July 14th.
If the artist strikes for her class, the location is not far behind, and the concert will be held at the moat of the Castello Volante in Corigliano d’Otranto.

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The love of Salento for Jazz and the charm of local suburbs

Strumenti musica Jazz_Jazz in Salento
ph. dolo-iglesias – Unplsash

For several years, Jazz music shows in Salento have been bringing more and more people to learn about this genre.
Among these, the Locomotive Jazz Festival, which brings the best international jazz and R’n’B performers  to the tip of the South East of Italy.
This festival is an opportunity not only to listen to the best jazz, with its most unusual and sophisticated contaminations, but also to get to know places less traveled by tourists and discover the infinite beauty of the so-called “suburbs”, leitmotiv of the festival locations.

Salento loves jazz, and that is why there’s much more than a single jazz festival in summer.  In addition to the locomotive, the Salento Jazz Festival offers a series of evenings in the name of the most complex musical style.

If you are a demanding music lover or if you are an open mind eager to learn about new styles, what better way to enjoy the beauty of music and a magical territory like Salento?