Live Salento like a local: two routes to approach the spring

Live Salento like a local: two routes to approach the spring

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Even in the heel of Italy and in its far end… sometimes it’s cold.

The short winter in the long Apulia shows up in different ways, with snow in the higher areas, light rains and moist wind from the sea to the coasts.

You’ll find here celebrations and festivals to warm up the hearts, as the fire festivals that take place from January to March, the street foods that accompany the local life in all four seasons and the local beauty that takes on the colors of melancholy season in the shortest days.


Wintertime has, in Salento, a lot of bright sides, particularly:

  • the beauty and charm of the winter sea,
  • its rituals and festivals,
  • its mild weather,
  • that doesn’t last long.

In fact, after the months of January and February, since middle of March, you can already enjoy the taste of spring, the desire to breathe the sea, touch it with your toes, admire the blue sky more and more intense, almost blinding, impossible to forget


In order to make the waiting for the Spring shorter, well suggest you 2 itineraries suitable to enjoy and live the territory like a local.

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#1 – Otranto – Castro

The scenario of the  coast spring going from Otranto to Castro is full of surprises and marvelous refractions of light, especially in the times of year when the days start  to last longer again.
Walking  and driving down this route in the early afternoon, you can even enjoy the fast shades of the sunset.

Faro Palascia (1)
Passing near the Palascia Lighthouse, where the two seas (Ionian and Adriatic) meet … or part, depending on the emotional point of view of those who admire them, we recommend following the path of the ancient towers’ sighting.
These points overlooking the sea give a sense of vertigo and omnipotence at the same time, confronting us with the hardness of the rocks and the strong colors of daisies and poppies, as colorful transpositions to the joys and sorrows, passions and peace of our lives.

Otranto paesaggio Costiero con antiche torri di avvistamento Otranto Coastal landscape with ancient watchtowers (1)

From here you can approach the amazing area Porto Badisco, that is told to be the place where Enea landed. We’re sure that also the Virgilian hero stopped here and tasted the red sea urchins, worth the son of Venus. Do it, like he did.

Pasta ai Ricci di Mare

We suggest you to taste it with provola piccante cheese and cold beer or white wine before heading to the city of Castro. Visit the old city and its manor.

Castro Marina all'ombra guardando il mare Castro Marina in the shade watching the sea (1)

The latte, over than one of the most important defensive castle of the region, shelters a beautiful and ancient statue of Minerva, important goddess for local traditions, that was found here lately.

#2 – Copertino – Sant’isidoro bay

Always made up with bastions, breathtaking coasts, towers and fish to be enjoyed, the route running from Copertino to the bay of San’Isidoro is loved by those who are lucky enough to know it. Here, an old lookout tower at the fishing boats on the dock are the perfect, comfortable view to enjoy spaghetti with mussels at one of several restaurants that overlook the bay.


The first signs of the longer sunny days and warmer mornings, the beaches offer the chance to rent pedal boats to reach the wild island in front of the bay.

To learn about the beauty and turtleneck, here we do not need to wait for the hot season. The first signs of spring will welcome you and please.


If you want to approach faster the warm season, book your amazing home in Salento: you’l remember every day that you have a home in the dolcevita waiting for you to come!