A house among the terraces of Gallipoli

A house among the terraces of Gallipoli

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The most authentic side of Gallipoli, Puglia, experienced from a house in the historic center

Gallipoli is a very popular holiday destination for Italians and, despite this, there are many hidden though interesting aspects to be highlighted.

Known by young people as a place for nightlife and beach parties, this city caressed by one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Salento will make you enjoy very authentic aspects of local real life.

Fishermen meet in the port and in the circles of the historic center and enrich with their work the life of the city.
The fresh fish restaurants, the artisans and the life that takes place on the terraces, are just some of the elements that make a stay in a bright house in the historic center very interesting.

Casa Sciaroccu will make you feel a part of the city 

casa sciaroccu gallipoli affitto
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli – booking@salentodolcevita.com

The house we choose for our holidays is crucial to better enjoy our local experience.

A stay in Casa Sciaroccu, which rises in the picturesque alleys of the historic center, is a choice that combines the liveliness of the life of the center with the constant presence of the sea, which you will see from the terrace, from the windows, and that you will feel in the air.

It is in fact a “double house”, particularly suitable for example for two couples or two families who want to share beautiful moments of vacation respecting each other’s moments of privacy.

Casa Sciaroccu, Living room
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli, dettaglio bagno - affitto casa vacanze
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli, dettaglio bagno

The two units, finely restored and decorated in a colorful but also very elegant and sober style, are joined by a large terrace where you can admire the sea and enjoy pleasant breakfasts, lunches, dinners or relaxing aperitifs.

Despite its position with sea view and overlooking the narrow streets of the historic center, Casa Sciaroccu is also comfortably sheltered, so outdoor spaces can be enjoyed even on windy days.

casa sciaroccu_vacanza centro storico gallipoli
Casa Sciaroccu, Gallipoli.
dettagli living room Casa Sciaroccu

A privileged place for a true local experience

A common feature of life in the villages of Salento is the life that takes place on the terraces.

In an area characterized by very mild average annual temperatures, a large terrace is much more than a space to “hang the laundry”; a terrace is a real living area for most of the year, where locals share activities, where children play or where people just relax.

Gallipoli by Night

The proximity to the port allows you to watch the comings and goings of the fishermen, and also to join a completely local rite: the aperitif on the sea, with fish freshly coming from the fishing boats.

Also the choice of the most suitable stretch of coast for each day of vacation is a privilege guaranteed by the beautiful Casa Sciaroccu: in just 5 minutes walk you arrive at the wide beach “La Purità”, where you can alternate a swim, a sunbath,  a coffee or a local tasty “frisella” in the pubs and bars that overlook this sandy area.

At a  few minutes drive you’ll have a very wide choice among the most famous beaches of Salento, from Baia Verde, Punta della Suina, Lido Pizzo, Rivabella.

Casa Sciaroccu is far more than a home. It is an opportunity to fully experience the most authentic and genuine part of Gallipoli, which allows you to have all the things you need for a wonderful holiday in Salento at your fingertips.