Wild green, with sea view. In Salento you can have it all

Wild green, with sea view. In Salento you can have it all

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Once upon a time, many travelers chose Salento for its beaches or its variegated coasts, which offer, within a few kilometers, white and soft beaches, jagged rocks on an intense blue sea, equipped beaches alternated with pristine oasis overlooking the sea.

But with time, more and more travelers have found out how interesting and rich in value and beauty is the wild green side of this land.
From the endless plains of olive trees to the dunes with green brambles of juniper and Mediterranean scrub, light green and red and pink patches of prickly pears that give their sugary fruit and even very big lavender fields; all this turned this “beachy” destination into a total wellness area, longed to by people from all over the world.

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la masseriola mura esterni a secco - interni in muratura
La Masseriola, booking@salentodolcevita.com


Not everyone has noticed it but most of the beautiful green areas of Salento are located right along the coast, in areas where the salty air has nourished the vegetation and land and sea have been reciprocally supporting each other to generate the highest forms of beauty .

The oases and parks along the coast are not counted; a territory so small as it contains from the parco del Rauccio to the Oasi e riserva Naturale delle Cesine, a few miles away from Lecce, then moving to the area of Brindisi with Parco di Torre Guaceto and Parco Regionale Naturale delle Dune Costiere, where events to discover nature, the local fauna and the benefits of life in contact with nature are regularly organized .

come organizzare un viaggio di famiglia - how to organize a family trip
ph derek owens – unsplash


If planning a route that includes a respectful and in-depth visit, led by excellent local guides, is highly recommended for your general culture and to learn more about the beauty of the area, it is also possible to choose accommodation that offer a slice of marine life and local green.

The relaxing cicadas noise, for example, accompanies the afternoons in the shade of the pine wood close to the sea, that surrounds Villa Il Faro, in Castro. 

In houses like this, everything is within reach, from fresh to cicadas, from the sea to relaxation in the shade of a private pool.

Castro, villa Il Faro - booking@salentodolcevita.com

Castro, villa Il Faro – booking@salentodolcevita.com

Even closer to the sea, almost making you feel like diving in it from the dry stone wall that surrounds the living spaces and the equipped garden, there is Villa Conchiglia; in addition to the relaxation spaces on several levels immersed in the Mediterranean greenery also offers direct access at the sea.

Villa vista mare accesso mare salento
Villa Conchiglia – Marittima di Diso – booking@salentodolcevita.com


Discover 4 wonderful villas with direct access to the sea of Salento

Immersed in a garden of olive and fig trees of india, about 450 meters as the crow flies from the sea, Villa La Cuba is particularly loved not only by nature lovers but also for interior design and exterior design fans, since It is furnished with Balinese furniture and with particular fabrics by Roberto Cavalli, in a refined and comfortable style that blends well with that of Salento, which also repeats the typical architectural feature of the stone cladding.

Villa La Cuba - piscina e alberi con vista sul mare di Santa Maria di Leuca. booking@salentodolcevita.com
Villa La Cuba – piscina e alberi con vista sul mare di Santa Maria di Leuca. booking@salentodolcevita.com


Also in the vicinity of Santa Maria di Leuca, immersed in the centuries-old olive groves of the area, there is also Villa Maria, a charming residence overlooking the Ionian sea, which preserves all the natural and architectural features of the Mediterranean, together with the salubrious air of the countryside and the sea view, transmit great serenity.

In this regard, did you know that a holiday in the farm gives more beneficial effects than an all inclusive spa resort? Find out why.

Giardino Villa Maria
Giardino Villa Maria – Santa Maria di Leuca – booking@salentodolcevita.com


So, why should we choose between a relaxing holiday in the purest nature and a funny beach holiday, when in Salento you can have it all?